The new iPad – finally here

It did not disappoint, the Apple rumors and the predictions are getting surprisingly accurate.

My own (not so much of a prediction) wish list of Bluetooth 4.0 was met, and the iPad as a remote seemed to already exist.

The battery capacity caught my attention, the new iPad’s battery is 70% more capacity than the iPad2 but still the battery life is same as the iPad2 i.e 10 hrs… It does mean that the retina display is a significant power draw, what are the other implications ?

Does it meant it will also be too hot to handle ? It will be interesting to see how apple solves the heating issue.

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3 Responses to The new iPad – finally here

  1. Tom says:

    It also got 9 hours on 4G, vs 9 hours on 3G for the iPad 2 – which an incredible power reduction for a 4G chipset (which have been powerhogs) if I read the stats right.

    They added a resolution screen quadrupling the pixel count above 1080p, and it’s going to have the same great battery life. Heavier for it than a Kindle, but now it’s going to be doing even more with it i’d imagine.

    ANd for the BT – I imagine this is only the start of possibilities.

  2. Tom says:

    Quick q –

    The new iPhoto feature of “Beam” (the iOS version of AirDrop) – is that via Bluetooth 4?

    It’s interesting iPhoto hints at a building out of profiles for iCloud. It’s not too much to extrapolate that iCloud will add more social, and that Beam is finally meaning phone to phone sharing of files – potentially this could be Apple’s first move into iOS6 of allowing users to share files wirelessly between iPhones or iPads.

    In the meantime, ATV still not Bluetooth, but Mac Mini is…. Hope for the Apple TV htis year perhaps?

  3. I don’t think that iPhoto Beam uses Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, BLE is great for low data sensor type applications and not streaming photos etc,

    Also seems like the Apple TV uses the same Broadcom Bluetooth + WiFi chip as the new iPad so it is intact Bluetooth 4.0 compatible – seems like apple did not enable BLE currently on the apple TV may be there is a software update coming that will turn it on very soon .. Cool!

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