Predictions for new iPad & new Apple TV (iPad3 / iMedia)

Like many I am also eagerly waiting for the March 7th 2012 announcement from Apple:
There are a lot of predictions on what to expect – It seems from the buzz that iPad3 and an Apple TV is on the line.
There are many educated predictions on what to expect in terms of features and spec for these new devices : like the new A6 processor for both the iPad and Apple TV, Retina display for the iPad and higher resolution support on the Apple TV, support for Siri on both Apple TV and iPad

Let me offer my own predictions (what I would love to see)

1. Bluetooth 4.0 addition to iPad3 and Apple TV – Bluetooth 4.0 is already part of iPhone 4S , Mac Mini and Macbook Air – so its natural to expect iPad also to upgrade to Bluetooth 4.0

2. New Accessories and Apps that support Bluetooth 4.0 – I expect to see Nike+ shoes / Wrist-Band demoed on stage along with an iPad App (using the Bluetooth 4.0 technology to sync the device to the iPad)

New Keyboard / remote control devices for both iPad and Apple TV that uses Bluetooth 4.0 (significantly enhancing the battery life on those devices enabling battery to last for 2-3 years with coin cell batteries)

The iPad could be used as a feature rich remote control for the Apple TV (communicating over WiFi or Bluetooth 4.0).

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3 Responses to Predictions for new iPad & new Apple TV (iPad3 / iMedia)

  1. Tom says:

    Looking forward to more Apple products having BT upgrades.
    Can I asks a question – why do you believe hull do a Nike+ event? Seems off focus for the event- wouldn’t a link with iPods or iPhone make more sense? Or is this the sense of showing that with Br upgrade the iPad now can interact with sensors and control devices?
    (which is a potential link up to the ATV)

  2. Cheryl Lucia says:

    My educated prediction on what to expect in terms of features and spec for the new device is a Quad-Core iPad 3 with 4G LTE, a 9.7-inch 2048×1536 display, and an 8MP camera. These days, we’re all about quality, quantity and speed; how much we can download/upload, how fast we can do it and how good it will look. After that, we want to catch life at its most vulnerable, funny, critical, and remarkable moments. Bring on the 8MP camera, if you please.

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