You needn’t speak my language ..

You needn’t speak my language ..
– to know that a family prefers to sit together in a long flight
– to know that families with infants would value some basic attention while in a flight, specially when bassinet seat preference could not be met..
– ask if they prefer to be served early (specially when the infant is on your lap and asleep)
– ask if their empty plates can be cleared early (specially when the infant is awake and ready to kick the trays to the floor)

It is not absolutely necessary to know the customers native language in order to effectively serve paying customers..
I had a disappointing experience with Emirates Airlines on my recent vacation trip, I had flown emirates in the past (when they started flights from SFO to Dubai) and had a decent expectation..
But I was let down by the many many ways in which their customer service is completely broken ..
I guess the airline industry and Emirates in particular is having enough demand and customers have limited choices so they needn’t care much ..
Emirates Airlines instead is focused on the fact that they have an international crew and the number of different languages that the crew speaks, they brag about this in almost every flight..

We really need someone like a Southwest Airlines to come in and change the experience of travel in long international flights..

Here is a list of what I experienced broken during my recent trip on Emirates..
– Time :
– If you know you have challenges with maintaining time, please don’t advertise or book connecting flights within 1-2 hours gaps.
– As expected we dint make our connecting flight .. (thanks to emirates late departure from SFO)
At least try to make my stay comfortable for the next 7-8 hours ..
– Don’t hand me a boarding pass without informing me that in my next flight the family will be in different seats..
– Ask if I have any special need (when you know I am traveling with an infant)
– Thanks for the dinner coupon – but please tell me where exactly is the restaurant .. I don’t work in the airport so I will not know if you say go to “High Street” and have dinner.. where is it ?
– Dubai Terminal 3 is supposedly all Emirates – But at the departure floor it is impossible to find a single emirates counter or any emirates staff .. (its completely only a shopping mall)
– Don’t misguide me to get me off your back , I rather prefer a “sorry cant be done” answer.

It doesn’t take much to observe and understand how your paying customers are treated and what they need. I hope Emirates will pay attention .. As for me I will not be seeking them out for my next travel.

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One Response to You needn’t speak my language ..

  1. Rajesh says:

    try tweeting… i am sure someone from Emirates will respond. Especially since they know others will be reading too.. We had an equally bad experience in Jet airways when they started SFO to India flights. Thankfully it did not last long. My wife was travelling with a 3 year old and 8 month old and they separated the 3 year old and put her on emergency seat. Once on-board my wife alerted this to the attendants before takeoff and they offered a middle seat in the last section of the plane… even the passengers did not volunteer, neither did my brave little girl cry as she knows better to not expect any better from an airlines company. This was just the start… from here on it was a complete disaster on everything from food, water etc… Unlike emirates, Jet airways probably does not have a presence in Twitter.. As for southwest, i am totally with you on that.

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