Smart watches ..

The immense popularity of smartphones has provided an opportunity for the smart accessories maket, the smart watch is one such category with many such products in the works.

This concept is not new, a few years back this concept was introduced and was popular among technology enthusiast but could not be a commercial success so it was later shelved, it used FM broadcast to display weather and news in addition to time, and it required a monthly subscription. Since it was limited by the information it could display and also since it requried subscription it is fairly obvious now (with the beinfit of hindsight) why this did not catch on.

Today with the immesne popularity of smart phones and a huge number of accompanying applicaitons people always walk around with their heads buried in the phone for updates from a variety of sources.
Its fairly obvious to see around us how these are changing social behavior, all of us seem to be buried in our phones in trying to keep updated with our connected worlds.
Throwing away the phone is not the practical solution, infact more technology and smart devices which makes it natural for us to be updated with the things we care about in a seamless manner is the most probable solution.

The new generation of smart watches (and other such wearable smart devices) allows to stay updated with just a glance. There is no need for additional subscription as the information can be pulled out from the smart-phones wirelessly using short range low power wireless technologies such as Bluetooth.

The few early products look really cool and I might go back to wearing a wrist watch again. This new generation of products uses Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to the smartphone and allows for a number of applications to send short updates to the watch. Using standards based wireless connectivity such as bluetooth allows for the devices from different vendors to interoperate seamlessly and provides for more such innovative smart devices.

Here is a sample list of what I have seen recently. (Still a lot more is possible) I would love to get my hands on some of these products and see the practical use and quality of these.

Allerta InPulse Smart Watch: Provides basic updates at a glance – email messages, calls, sms and calendar. Currently is in pre-order stage, product seems to be at early beta stage.

Sony Ericsson LiveView: Provides for all the basic updates (including updates from social networs – facebook, twitter etc) additional features include media player control, batter level of the phone and ability to mute phone ringer. Expected to be available later this year ?
Mobile Wear from Abacus: A more traditional looking analog watch with call id and text message notification. This is available now.

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5 Responses to Smart watches ..

  1. Jayant says:

    Dennis, you have missed out the Apple Nano. that is the latest in teh smart Watch category…

  2. Sure Jayant, the nano could eventually become a smart phone accessory some day and could offer a more rich experience (in addition to music), for that it will first need to have some wireless connectivity integrated, I would love to have a nano with Bluetooth that can be connected wirelessly to my iPhone, streaming music to a bluetooth headset and also connected to a few of my body worn sensors like heart-rate monitor, pedometer etc.
    It will open the door for a lot of applications and usages.

    Also current form factor is more suited as a clip on wearable device and not ideal for the wrist.

    Here is an article I read a while back on what the nano should have been.

  3. Stue says:

    ALl the nano needs is a Nanotch( and then you can write about it 😉

  4. Hemanth says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I am a newbie to BLE technology. I am having a hard time finding the best appropriate solution to implement for below problem.

    The problem I need help using BLE 4.0 is that:

    I have 2 BLE 4.0 cards and 2 IOS devices (iPhones) that support BLE 4.0

    Now Each BLE 4.0 device is synced to one IPhone .

    Now I want the 2 BLE 4.0 cards to exchange the data and send them back to their corresponding IPhones .

    I came to know that Scatternet can solve this issue. But not sure how to do it.

    My main intention is to make BLE 4.0 cards where Employees can have their individual cards synced to their IPhones and when 2 employees come closer (in-person) they should have the ability to copy data from other persons BLE 4.0 card into their BLE 4.0 card and see that info in IPhone/Android device.

    Appreciate your help on this problem.



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