Capitalizing on Failures ..

There is a lot which has been said and written about failures and how it is good to learn from the failures etc etc ..

Here is a different take –

  • Doing things different is hard,
  • Doing the “right” thing is hard,
  • Putting yourself in the front and taking charge and responsibility is hard.

The problem is without doing the hard things you can rarely make something which is of real value.

At the same time the chances of making real contribution and thereby producing real value is also vary rare.

So the path to making any real success (I am not talking about so called success of having been in the right place at the right time), is filled with almost certain series of multiple failures or needs to abandon the present and change direction..

Failure is not such a bad thing, its really a great thing, because there are always reasons and opinions on why something might not have worked out as planned, and everyone who were pushing forward would have a view of how it could have been done different. The key though is realizing when something is not working out as planned and changing directions. There is a lot of positive energy that can be harvested when something can really be put to a end and move the team in a new direction.

A good way to look at it is to have a hard landing, harvest the energy and set of in a new direction, you are certain to reach a higher level by bouncing off of a hard landing. (Of course you need to have the capability to take the impact and bounce of in new direction)

But the problem is it rarely is the case, most times there is unwillingness to accept when something is not working and then give up. Especially it becomes extremely difficult if you already are mildly successful to start with. (most definitely someone else who had no contributions in getting things to the current point would try and keep you in the same direction) This makes logical sense specially in large organizations because ultimately the goal is to try and collect every trickle from every possible sides so that it all adds up.
The problem though is that its definite slow death, rather than a bounce off you end up with a slow sink to a trickle, at the end of all it gets too late, the energy levels ceases to exist and it will take a lot of time to build it all over again.

It takes courage and leadership to give up and take on in a new direction. It a great way to capitalize on one failure and setoff on a new mission, doing which enables enhances the possibility of reaching higher levels.

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One Response to Capitalizing on Failures ..

  1. here is an article that I read today that validates this point :-
    @dennis_mathews Japan: To Fix Your Economy, Honor Your Failed Entrepreneurs

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