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The future with wireless medical devices

Great talk from TedMED showing several wireless medical devices and how it will be used to monitor vital signs, chronic conditions and also keep track of our health. Bluetooth Low energy is playing a major role in realizing this future … Continue reading

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On wireless security and Google’s wifi scanning

The recent news surrounding Google’s collection of data from wifi networks will make many users concerned on privacy and facts surrounding the difference between a wired and wireless network. A WiFi wireless network (as architected today) unless properly secured can … Continue reading

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3D TV Demo ..

Watched a few 3D TV demos last week, saw a few brands. Not impressed yet, Few things I feel will be a hinderance to largescale adoption: 1. the technology still needs to evolve. A good comparison would be to early … Continue reading

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Wholesale Applications Community Grows as 32 New Members Join the Open Applications Initiative The Wholesale Applications Community (WAC), an alliance of telecommunications companies committed to building an open applications platform, today announced that 32 new organisations from across the mobile ecosystem, including operators, vendors and OEMs, have joined the initiative. WAC today … Continue reading

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Twitter inspiration ..

One of the benefits of following the people you admire on twitter is that, You get to instantly see how hard they work .. most people do post what they do, or tweet about something relevant. Its a constant source … Continue reading

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Capitalizing on Failures ..

There is a lot which has been said and written about failures and how it is good to learn from the failures etc etc .. Here is a different take – Doing things different is hard, Doing the “right” thing … Continue reading

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